ramsdale stones

ramsdale stones

Sunday, 19 December 2010


On December 17th Chris Corner went out and filmed the beautiful organic patterns of ice forming near Whitby. Rivulets of water beneath the frozen surface snake and swim suggesting lifeforms from other worlds. Channels of movement glide sinuously through a petrified map of silver and grey.

Taking his camera out the next day Chris found the alien streams and swirling eddies gone. Just still and silent ice and an unforgiving arctic chill.


Sunday, 5 December 2010


There's a new release due in the New Year. Estuary, a track made from field and hydrophone recordings collected at Arnside, Cumbria.

Its a 17 minute piece about the river Kent estuary on the west coast of England which drains into Morcambe Bay.The viaduct bisecting it carries trains transporting their cargoes of radioactive waste from all over the world for disposal at the Sellafield Nuclear Reprocessing Plant further up the coast. The estuary area itself has been designated as a place of outstanding natural beauty.

The track will be free to download from IMPULSIVE HABITAT, a superb netlabel specialising in field recording related material.

Sunday, 21 November 2010


Birdsong recorded from the edge of Dalby Forest one misty morning in September.
The chief chorister is a robin, although there are lots of contributions from other
feathered singers and squawkers, and even a brief spell of bellowing from a huge bull
who was making his voice heard from a nearby field.

Gill Catton posted this analysis on the Wild About Britain bird forum...

As well as the robin's gorgeous atmospheric singing there are two crows
contact calling and a wren alarm calling (the rattling) which becomes two
birds alarm calling. Obviously something's upset them. A great spotted
woodpecker with a 'chip' call (01:10). Goldcrests with seeep seeep call
(might be a treecreeper - they have a similar contact call). Then a wood
pigeon comes in and a robin's alarm call can be heard (the tic tic tic call).

At 4:36 lots of swallow alarm calls.

Coal tit calls.(05:50 and just before). Then a chaffinch call (06:08)
 - some early on too but this one is clearest.

At least 2 if not 3 territorial robins.

Thursday, 18 November 2010


100 Birthdays is a collection of four tracks
available to download for free here.

The title track 100 Birthdays concerns the movement of
people over, into and beneath the city of London.

Duodecimo Tome is a tribute to Rare and Racy, the best
shop in Sheffield. It was recorded in various bookshops
 and concerns paper, commerce and creaky floorboards.

Pannett is a fountain, a gallery and a playground. Hailstones
on copper beech trees and big girls on a small swing.

Tubal Flux is the sound of atoms audibly vibrating in
imaginary phantom tube stations.

The music was released on Ian Simpson's netlabel Electronic Musik.
Read more on the Electronic Musik blog.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


The Valentine EP was featured on framework radio on 14th November.
The programme went out on Resonance FM at 10pm.
It can be downloaded
as a podcast or listened to here...

framework radio had this to say about it...

'This edition was produced here in Nodar, Portugal,
during a two week residency at Binaural Media, as
part of their paivascapes project, that is now drawing
to a close.  It’s been a wonderful time here and i think
we’re all very excited about the project we’ve begun
– if you’re curious have a look here: http://www.paivascapes.org.

Meanwhile many patiently waiting discs finally got aired
this week, including one that’s been mistakenly waiting
over 2 years (sorry Miguel!) at my old address in London.
An edgy edition this week, including a great disc by
Dave Phillips, sounds from Jeff Surak’s Violet
project, a few trajectories by the duo of Colin Potter
and Phil Mouldycliff, and some free downloadable
sounds from Chris Whitehead

The next edition will be coming to you from
back home in Estonia, but then we’ll be 
 back on the road for a month in the states. 
We’ll be roaming around a bit on the east
coast, so if you’d like to plan a framework
appearance with us, get in touch!


Valentine is available for free download here.
 Both  tracks were recorded on a freezing cold
Valentines Day, 2010.
Kettleness Flow involves the streams in the cliffs
above Sandsend and Kettleness as they rush headlong
towards the edge of the precipice, before plunging onto
 the rocks below. It was partly made using hydrophones
 manufactured by Jez Riley French.

Mulgrave Nightfall is the soundscape created
by pheasants and other birds as the cold February
night closes in around the trees. Their cries pierce
  the icy darkness as one bird is answered by
 another in a distant part of the forest.

Its released on Ian Simpson's Electronic Musik netlabel.
Read more on the Electronic Musik blog.