ramsdale stones

ramsdale stones

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


The Valentine EP was featured on framework radio on 14th November.
The programme went out on Resonance FM at 10pm.
It can be downloaded
as a podcast or listened to here...

framework radio had this to say about it...

'This edition was produced here in Nodar, Portugal,
during a two week residency at Binaural Media, as
part of their paivascapes project, that is now drawing
to a close.  It’s been a wonderful time here and i think
we’re all very excited about the project we’ve begun
– if you’re curious have a look here: http://www.paivascapes.org.

Meanwhile many patiently waiting discs finally got aired
this week, including one that’s been mistakenly waiting
over 2 years (sorry Miguel!) at my old address in London.
An edgy edition this week, including a great disc by
Dave Phillips, sounds from Jeff Surak’s Violet
project, a few trajectories by the duo of Colin Potter
and Phil Mouldycliff, and some free downloadable
sounds from Chris Whitehead

The next edition will be coming to you from
back home in Estonia, but then we’ll be 
 back on the road for a month in the states. 
We’ll be roaming around a bit on the east
coast, so if you’d like to plan a framework
appearance with us, get in touch!

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