ramsdale stones

ramsdale stones

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Valentine is available for free download here.
 Both  tracks were recorded on a freezing cold
Valentines Day, 2010.
Kettleness Flow involves the streams in the cliffs
above Sandsend and Kettleness as they rush headlong
towards the edge of the precipice, before plunging onto
 the rocks below. It was partly made using hydrophones
 manufactured by Jez Riley French.

Mulgrave Nightfall is the soundscape created
by pheasants and other birds as the cold February
night closes in around the trees. Their cries pierce
  the icy darkness as one bird is answered by
 another in a distant part of the forest.

Its released on Ian Simpson's Electronic Musik netlabel.
Read more on the Electronic Musik blog.

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