ramsdale stones

ramsdale stones

Friday, 28 June 2013


Top tip: When planning a field recording trip to base your next CD length release on at a site that takes an hour and a half to drive to, make sure the decaying industrial architecture in question hasn't been recently demolished.

I went to Steetly Magnasite in Hartlepool expecting to find this sort of thing...

Instead I was met with this...

Presumably because it was a danger to the public with kids swimming in the settling tanks and climbing up the rusting metal structures as well as a magnet for arsonists, the old magnesium production plant was razed to the ground and now all that's left is a desert of rubble and dust with the odd bit of rebar (as the americans call it) sticking out here and there. There is planning permission for a £100m development of 484 luxury sea-view homes on the site.

Speaking to a local chap who was walking his dog it seems demolition was only completed earlier this year with huge diggers and bulldozers pulverizing the chimneys, pools and outbuildings. Even so I managed to get some decent recordings that still somehow sounded like magnesium. The pier is still there, although you can't walk along it, and a pipeline still runs out to sea.

Top tip: Just because it's on Google Earth doesn't mean it's there in real life.

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